Jointly created by FIREBALL Entertainment and White Pony Music Studio, Fire Lab is a production base that provides professional services such as recording and rehearsal. A comprehensive environment for the production of a large number of projects and musical works is offered right in the heart of Kaohsiung Music Center’s iconic Treble Tower Building.

FIREBALL Entertainment Co.,Ltd.

After the establishment of Fire On Music’s Kaohsiung office in March 2021, FIREBALL Entertainment was founded by the core team that organized the FireBall Festival for two years (2017, 2019) in anticipation of the development of concert production and other technical aspects inKaohsiung.

The company is dedicated to creating the “FireBall Festival”, a benchmark for music festivals in Taiwan, by creating new experiences for live events and the production and organization of various concerts and events.

The team is composed of professional and experienced partners, which is reflected in the Chinese character of the company name “huo” (partner), which emphasizes cohesive teamwork and the ability to bring new experiences to the audience through the production of shows.

White Pony Music Studio

Recent studio mixes
  • Elephant Gym / New album scheduled for release in 2022
  • Sunset Samurai / Been A While / Single and mixing 2022.01
  • Empty ORio / Castaway / Album recorded 2021.12
  • Bison Country / Beginning of a Dream / Single and mixing 2021.08
  • Kid King/ Wrong Time for Love Songs/ Single and mixing 2021.05
  • Elephant Gym/ Go Through the Night / Single Recorded 2021.05 and more…
Live concert recording and mixing
  • HwayCoffee live session / Live split recording 2021
  • Fire EX. 20th Anniversary Concert / Live split recording and mixing 2020
  • The Fur. / POW FEST online concert / Live split recording and mixing 2020
  • Sorry Youth / YAMAHA Garage Online Concert / Mixing 2020
  • U.TA / YAMAHA Garage Online Concert / Mixing 2020 and more…
Experience in performing live sound engineering during concerts
  • 2015.03-2018.10 LiveWarehouse Resident Sound Engineer
  • 2017 Megaport Festival Sea Dragon Stage Resident Sound Engineer
  • 2015 Megaport Festival Nanba Tian Stage Resident Sound Engineer
  • 2011.04-2015.01 The wall Pier II Resident Sound Engineer
Collaboration with bands (sound engineering during tours)

Fire EX. / Elephant Gym / Punkhoo / EmptyORio / Bison Country / Sunset Samurai / Go Go Machine Orchestra / Sorry Boys / Shallow Levée

Control Room

Rehearsal Room